Millennials Read Plenty, Bucking the Critics

There’s a myth out there that Millennials (and Gen Z) don’t really read. That’s hogwash, though: We do read, but it’s just not always with a physical book in hand. With tech at our beck and call, busy schedules, and changing reading habits, it might seem like we’re not as book-crazy as other generations. It also may seem like we don’t read anything besides Harry Potter — but maybe we just like a young wizard and a little bit of magic, from time to time. Is that a crime, critics? 

It’s time to set the record straight

There’s no right way to get a dose of daily words. You can expand your mind and your horizons in any format! For millennials, the most popular ways to read are:

  • E-books: Many millennials prefer to read books electronically, using devices such as e-readers or smartphones.
  • Audio books: A growing number of millennials are listening to audio books, either through dedicated audio book platforms or through services like Audible.
  • Traditional paper books: Some millennials still prefer traditional paper books, which they might buy in physical bookstores or borrow from libraries. In terms of specific books, the “Harry Potter” series, “The Hunger Games” series, and “To Kill a Mockingbird” are often cited as popular among millennials. 
  • Online articles and news: Many millennials also enjoy reading articles and news on websites, social media, and other online sources.

Choice is the name of the game, these days

Overall, the popularity of different reading formats among millennials can vary widely depending on individual preferences, accessibility, and convenience. We have access to mediums no other generations had before, AKA a world of stories at our fingertips. Every generation has its own unique way of consuming information and showing love for literature. Let’s not judge a book by its cover here variety is the spice of life!

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