IRL Libraries That Would Make Belle Jealous

Belle from Beauty and the Beast was a total bookworm. She was completely smitten with reading and would have been over the moon if she could have visited some of the world’s current most magnificent libraries. Picture it: towering shelves overflowing with books, fancy ceilings adorned with intricate designs, and rows upon rows of leather-bound manuscripts. Imagine the look of pure bliss on Belle’s face roaming through the stacks, hand caressing the spine of a book she’s never seen before.

Stunning sanctuaries for bibliophiles

You can experience that grand room of books yourself if you happen to be in the right town. Here are a few libraries around the world that would make Belle (and really anybody) jealous:

  1. The Library of Alexandria: This ancient library in Egypt was considered one of the greatest libraries of the ancient world and was said to have held over half a million scrolls. It was a center of learning and scholarship and was renowned for its impressive collection of texts.
  2. The Vatican Library: This library, located in Vatican City, is one of the oldest and most important libraries in the world. It holds over 80,000 manuscripts, including many rare and ancient texts. Its architecture is also very impressive and has a mix of Renaissance and Baroque styles.
  3. The George Peabody Library: This library, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the United States. It features a grand, ornate architecture and a skylight that floods the stacks with natural light.
  4. The Royal Library of Brussels: This library, located in Brussels, Belgium, is a stunning example of Art Nouveau architecture. It features intricate mosaics, stained glass, and sculptures, and it is a visual feast for book lovers.
  5. The Bibliothèque Nationale de France: This library, located in Paris, France, is one of the largest and most important libraries in the world. It has a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and other materials and is housed in a beautiful building with impressive architecture.
  6. The Boston Public Library: This library, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the most beautiful libraries in the United States. It features impressive Italian Renaissance architecture, a grand central courtyard, and a beautiful reading room.

Journey into infinite ink

Go ahead, friends. Spend hours getting lost in the pages of your favorite stories, surrounded by the stunning architecture and the rich history that only a library can offer. Happy reading!

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