10 Honest Reasons You Just Got Ghosted

He’s just not that into you. All is fair in love and war. But why — oh why — no reply? 

Ghouls float among us

Ghosting refers to the act of ending a romantic relationship by cutting off all communication with the other person. It’s sudden and without explanation. It means phone calls, text messages, and social media interactions, all at once. Ghosting can be a frustrating and hurtful experience for the victim, as it can leave them feeling confused and rejected. Embarassed, too!

It’s not even decent

Like a nightmare, this tactic always appears out of the blue. But hey, it’s happening out there and increasingly so. It can leave the person who was ghosted feeling destablized and unsure of what went wrong. There are various reasons why someone may choose this route, against all decency. Here are a few that are sure to haunt you for some time:

  1. The other person lost interest.
  2. They met someone else.
  3. They were not ready for a relationship.
  4. They were not as invested in the relationship as you were.
  5. They felt the relationship was moving too fast.
  6. They were not over their ex.
  7. They had personal issues or problems they were dealing with.
  8. They felt the relationship was not what they expected it to be.
  9. They were not ready to commit.
  10. They did not feel a strong connection or chemistry with you.

Not today, satan

Some folks do it because they’re just plain chicken too scared to have an honest convo about why things aren’t working out. Others might ghost because they’ve found someone new and don’t want to deal with any awkward breakup drama. Whatever the reason, ghosting is a ghoulish move and can leave the ghost-ee feeling dead for a long time. If you’re thinking of pulling a ghost, think twice. It’s a real boo-boo for your reputation!

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